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With this order you will get

  • A Complete 3D Matterport Tour-
    The ultimate home tour. This user friendly self-guided tour is taking the real-estate industry by storm! BDX offers standard Web solutions and tours that can be used in Virtual Reality headsets for a truly immersive experience. Click here to view the difference between a Complete and Non-Complete Tour. Note: A tour is defined as a single structure building
  • 30 Still-Photographs From The Tour –  Images in this package are web quality. Click here for examples of photos.
  • 2 Exterior 360 views
    • To be included in your highlight reel
  • Highlight Reel
    • A reel at the bottom of your Matterport tour that will showcase the high points of your space. Example
  • Extensive Post Production QC Process
    • This ensures you receive the highest quality tour possible.

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The Complete Tour Difference

An incomplete Matterport Tour:

A complete Matterport Tour from BDX:

Matterport Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston

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